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Richard King
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Richard King, Denvilles, Havant, Hampshire, U.K.This Web Site is intended to be more wide ranging than Wessex Alternative Connections and Psychic Engineer, though the psychic, non-physical, subject area is so large the Site cannot hope to be comprehensive.

During March 2005, I was taken by surprise by the rapidity of the increase in visits to this Web Site, overtaking each of the others, despite this being the smallest, other than Lorelei's own Site.

More recently the Web Site for my forthcoming book, Remembering Lorelei, has received very large numbers of visits. the book is due to be published in November 2007.

Prior to that both Lorelei and I appeared in "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future" by Barbara Ford-Hammond (Mirage Publishing) published on 25th September 2007.

The inclusion of the words Past Life Tourism in the title of Barbara's book intrigued me as I have been advised by business people of high standing that the story of Lorelei and I is worth at least 10% extra in tourism terms; 16 million each year to Havant at the 2006-2007 level of tourism income for the Borough and vastly more to the South of England in general, plus Essex for reason on my Web Sites and in "Remembering Lorelei". I have been endeavouring to do something with that for a few years, including being given advice and encouragement by Business Link Sussex and the German British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a Member.

You are invited to share the journey of Lorelei and I, in this lifetime of mine, as well as through our other lifetimes.

You would have been able to share this story, in book form and by other means, from about 2000 onwards except for a "little local difficulty" in and around Havant, Hampshire, England.

For an insider's view, kindly supplied by someone who witnessed murky goings on in more detail than I, see some of the information provided by The Well-Wisher, as I have referred to them, as well as elsewhere on my Journal Web Site and My Other Web Sites.

Eventually, I will progress past that difficulty, block, and the process is underway, though it necessitated journeys out of Hampshire (despite the support afforded by the local Chambers of Commerce), meetings with a Business Link elsewhere in the Country, as well as other organisations, eventually meeting a businesswoman who was willing to help and who is of independent mind, as well as of like mind. Her response to my query about the story of Lorelei and I, "Can you handle this?", was a fairly resounding, "Yes," followed by the explanatory comment, "I am an old Soul". Along with those others who assisted me she will appear as her real self, as opposed to the "the Countess" in "Past Life Tourism", in the acknowledgements section of "Remembering Lorelei" when it is published in late 2007.

The reasons for these Web Sites and my background are described in more detail on my new Personal Web Site and my Journal Web Site.