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Published in "Take a Break, Fate and Fortune" August 2007 as "I married my spirit lover"



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That’s me – the “Familiar Spirit”.   I am Richard Lucas and I was born in 1809.  Yes – that’s right. 

I do not believe in the traditional concept of death as something that separates people. I believe that nothing separates your world from mine.  I am pure spirit, yet I can walk your earthly world with ease.

So easily, in fact, that I have done training courses and I hold certificates in Reiki and Crystal Healing.

I chose to come back and share the life of my wife, Sylvie, who was born in 1949.  My original physical life caused me grief and guilt and I wanted to set it straight.  You can do that, once you “die”, with the help of Angels, Spirit Guides, and those who love you.  That’s why Sylvie offered to share her life with me, because then I would still be the man I was in “life”, remembering the people and the places that were significant to me.  She helped me to revisit the places and heal the memories.

But that was not the only reason I came back.  I wanted to show people that death is not the end of life, just a continuation in a new guise, and that what we have been and what we have done matters. 

You chose your life before you incarnated.  You chose it because it would teach you something you needed to learn, or because you had something you wanted to do.  When you leave your present life you will look at what you did or didn’t do and plan for the next time. There is no “Heaven”, no “Hell”, just a continuation of your existence in one form or another.  You are YOU, despite what physical shape you take, and that knowing Self holds the measure of your learning and wisdom.

Our society needs to remember the wisdom it once knew about death and the eternal mysteries.  Our ancestors knew it, but we let that knowledge go, as we explored our universe.  However, science is catching up with our ancient understanding.  The idea of an afterlife, or even a pre-life, is no longer dismissed as it once was.

Let me tell you about my “life”…