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The experiences with my Mother began on a Tuesday at the end of June 2004, the day after her major stroke while in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, after an operation on her left hip. They proceeded at varying levels throughout the summer. Some were gentle, some startling, even for me. Apart from the inevitable emotions involved, there were never any unpleasant experiences. Overall it increased my understanding and awareness considerably. It is hoped that those experiences will do the same for other people, which is why I am writing them.

Many of those experiences I will need to hold back until others have had a chance to catch up and can accommodate them more readily than they are able to at the moment.

On this page are a few anecdotes, incidents, which are fairly low key, at least compared with the highest level of events that I had the privilege to experience.

These experiences began on that Tuesday when we went to see my Mother in hospital. After the stroke my mother had suffered in June 2004, she was unable to communicate physically, except in a very limited sense which only improved a little over the several weeks that followed.

Not long after we arrived in the Ward, I was aware of the presence of Lorelei and Cathy, apart from the physical people, on that day, as well as my Mother’s non-physical state, to a limited extent. Her crown chakra was very fiery, as stream of energy going straight out for several feet, through the wall of the Ward, but I was specifically asked not to go into that energy so I did not.
Sitting by the bed I held her left arm, closed my eyes and said, mentally of course,
”Can I be part of your world please, Mum?”
I did not really expect anything but, within seconds, I was part of that world, or at least another world. It connected with the situation, made sense and was very vivid.


Because of what I saw and heard then, I was very far from surprised when, despite such a serious stroke, my mother did not leave us very soon afterwards, which is what the medical staff and others anticipated.

Specifically, I found myself on the periphery of a welcoming party, not that I saw anyone but my late father, sitting in a chair by a door that was ajar and heard voices, one very much like a late aunt, excitedly saying, exclaiming,
"Joan's coming Home".

Not long afterwards I saw a woman with dark hair down to her shoulders, laying on her back. A man with black hair was standing by her, behind her head, with his hands under her arms, getting ready to pull, help her out of the physical. that action elicited a firm but not pleasant response from the woman,
"Not so fast, Dick".

The man was my late father, the woman was my mother. She made a firm, conscious decision not to depart the physical world just then.

A few minutes after that i found myself walking down a long sloping path curving round a grassy hill, talking to my father. Mark and Jane, my cousin and his wife, were just behind me, a matter of foot or two away. occasionally I heard tem as I walked and chatted with my father, though the sounded more like twenty to twenty five feet away, out of the ward and down the hall.

A while later, I was standing on the other side of the bed, next to a table, and Cathy came through to my mother’s crown charka. My natural reaction was to move to give Cathy room to get through, momentarily forgetting that a physical table is no barrier to an Angel. My sudden movement prompted Jane, on the other side of the bed, to ask if I was all right. I assured her that I was fine but said nothing about what had happened. She, of course, could not see Cathy.

If I ranked my experiences on a scale of 0 to 100, with the latter representing the greatest, the most profound, then watching my Guardian Angel, Cathy, go to my mother’s crown chakra was only 15 to 20 on that scale.

The higher level experiences were included in my write up for Dr Peter Fenwick and will go into the public domain in due course.

While relaxing in our garden on a sunny day in July 2004 I suddenly saw, was shown, a glimpse of another lifetime. It only lasted three seconds or so and was slightly cartoon style in presentation, detail, rather than very clear as I have seen such things before. There was a tall, well built, Norman Knight, Nobleman, holding a broadsword with both hands. The sword was pointed at the ground but seemed about to be lifted to deliver a hefty blow. Just behind the Norman was a somewhat shorter woman in a white headscarf, yellow/gold silk looking hat and matching dress, robes. Her hands were up each side of her face with her mouth open in obvious alarm at what the Norman was about to do, might do. The woman was my Mother, the Norman a relative. It was then that I was told the reason for the delay in my mother passing over, at least one reason, the other was for me though I did not realise that for several weeks.

I last saw my mother, physically, on Saturday 9th October 2004, in her Ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It was then that I was given an explanation of some of what I had experienced over the previous weeks.

On the following day, Sunday, I was told that it would all be over by Thursday. A relative 'phoned early on the Monday morning to say that he had received a call from Stoke Mandeville Hospital to say that Mum had passed away, in his terms, passed over, in mine, at 3.30 a.m. that morning.

During breakfast Jo, my wife, said she had been told on the previous day that it would all be over by Thursday. I said that I had been told the same and asked her who had told her. Jo said she did not know, I said it was my Mother who had informed me. Neither of us understood why there was such a discrepancy.

We were later told that there had been a very marked and rapid change in my Mother’s physical condition on that Sunday.

After Death Experiences

On the Thursday following my mother’s passing I was in Clacton with Mark and Jane to arrange the funeral. It was during that day I was informed of the reason for the discrepancy in timing when I heard my Mother say, “I was not sure how long it would take me to disconnect”. I readily accepted that, though I had witnessed a great deal of disconnection anyway over the previous several weeks.

Later, while staying at my mother's house just before the funeral, Mark got out some family photographs. I had no problems with most of them; when my mother was in the WAAF, just before the war with her hair pinned up, when her hair was permed in the 1960s photographs. However, the 195 wedding photographs and one of my mother pushing me in a pushchair, with my father walking beside her in Scarborough in 1949 did give me problems. That was because of her appearance in those years and, especially, the shoulder length dark hair. it was just as I had been seeing her, at the higher level, from the time she declined to go, straight away, with my father, right through the summer, during glimpses and conversations with her, when I had seen my mother and father together and so on.